Final Programme

We are delighted to show you our final programme!

FRIDAY, 18 MAY 2018

9:00– 9.30
REGISTRATION – UCC Library, Creative Zone
9:30 – 9:50

Helena Buffery, Department of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies, Vice-Head of CACSSS (Research)– College of Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences
Darragh O’Connell, Department of Italian, School Research Officer / Director of CASiLaC (Centre for Advanced Studies in Languages and Cultures )
Barbara Siller, Department of German / Director of MA Applied Linguistics
Anne Marie Devlin, Speech and Hearing Sciences

9:50– 11:00
KEYNOTE ADDRESS  - UCC Library, Creative Zone

David Machin, Örebro University, Sweden

A Multimodal Critical Discourse Analysis Approach to Healthy and Ethical Food

11:00 – 11.30
Coffee Break – O’Rahilly Building (Social Area, Block B)
11:30– 13.00
SESSION 1  - O’Rahilly Building (1.32)

Text and Discourse
Chair: Anne Marie Devlin

Hedy McGarrell
Discovering Academic Communities’ Meta-Discursive Resources

Michalis Liatsopoulos – Ioannis Karras
Internet Discourse of English Language Institutes in Greece. A critical Discourse Analysis

Sophia Sobko - Jessica Adams – Devanshi Unadkat
The Process of Discovering Discourses of Gender in Online Collaboration

13:00– 14:00
Lunch Break
14:00 – 15:30

O’Rahilly Building (1.32)
O’Rahilly Building (1.23)

Technology, Culture and Discourse
Chair: Martin Galvin
Public Sphere, Politics and Discourse
Chair: John Hastings

Iryna Alyeksyeyeva
Retain, Borrow, Mix and Digest: Cultural Trends in Restaurant Signboards

Aliza Laserson
Gangs in the Supermarket: a Multi-angle Discourse Analysis

James Cuffe
Mediative Technology in China: Transmission and Representation in Popular Culture

Feilim O’Hadhmaill
The War of Terror: an Exploration of Representation, Conceptualization and Hegemonic Discourse in Academia

Elizabeth Folan O’Connor
The Internet as Public Sphere?

Steven Byrne
An Investigation of Language Attitude in 21st Century Catalonia

15:30 – 16:00
Coffee Break
16:00 – 18:00

O’Rahilly Building (1.32)
O’Rahilly Building (1.23)

Irish Society and Discourse
Chair: Elizabeth Folan O’Connor
Migration and Othering Discourse
Chair: Dragan Miladinović

Martin Galvin
Urban Regeneration in an Irish Policy Context

Sarah Robinson
Discourses that ‘Deal’ with Revelations of Collective Concealment in Ireland

Ewan McDonald
Certain but Stable? A Diachronic Analysis of Taxation in Ireland from 1970-2015

Marilyn Steinbach
Discourses on Migration and Integration in Three Societies Receiving Immigrants

Mark Chu – Olivia Creed
Cronaca nera: Racialized Discourse in the Reporting of Road Traffic Accidents in the Italian Press

Neil Collins – Kristina Bekenova
Discourse at a Distance: Europe in Kazakhstan

Derya Cinar
Swiss Army Man: Towards Humanimal Encounters from Crowded Ontologies (video-talk)

19:00 – 19.30
Guide through the Lewis Glucksman Gallery on UCC campus
Dinner and Concert at the Glucksman Bobo restaurant


10:00– 11:00
KEYNOTE ADDRESS – O’Rahilly Building (1.32)

Nicole Müller, University College Cork

Discourses of Cognition, and Cognition as Discursive Processes: Making Sense on the Basis of the Available Evidence in Dementia

11:00 – 12:30

O’Rahilly Building (1.32)
O’Rahilly Building (1.23)

Arts Discourse
Chair: Barbara Siller
Education and Discourse
Chair: Sara Lis Ventura

Irene Polimante
Contemporary Performance Poetry; an Integrated Critical Discourse

Giorgio Ferretti
Sick Discourse. Aids as Discursive Practice in Chris Kraus and Nan Goldin

Krisztina Zimányi
Alternative Discourses on the Contemporary Dance Scene in Mexico (video-talk)

Julie Butters
Creating an Inclusive Ethos in the Global Classroom

Arwa Alsufyan
Identity Development among Saudi Female Learners of English in a Study Abroad Context: a Longitudinal Study

Sara Lis Ventura
Digital  Storytelling in the Foreign Language Classroom: the Multimodal “Voice” of Students
12:30 – 13:30
Lunch Break
13:30– 15.00
SESSION 5  - O’Rahilly Building (1.32)

Gender, Identity and Discourse
Chair:  Hanna Völker 

John Hastings
Exploring Narratives of Occupational Identity among Old Men in Rural Ireland: Surviving Tragic Heroes or Participating Everyday Heroes?

John Freddy Gil Bonilla
Spanish Greetings. A Pragma-Sociolinguistic Approach of Greetings in Informal Settings

Elizabeth Kiely
(dis)Covering the Irish Sexualisation Discourse

15:00 – 16:00
Conference Closing
Wine Reception and Sicilian Delights


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